• Image and animation generated with AI (DALL-E, RunwayML)


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The fascination of AI: at the dawn of a new era

More than just a smart algorithm

Artificial intelligence – sounds like sci-fi, but is already more part of everyday business than a thing of the future.
AI is like putting a thinking hat on computers. They learn, recognise patterns and constantly improve – all without taking coffee breaks! AI can master everything from simple tasks that bore us humans to complex challenges that make us break out in a sweat.
These digital brain acrobats play chess, compose music or diagnose diseases, sometimes even better than us humans. They are not only efficient, but often surprisingly creative – they find solutions that we might never have thought of.

A smart revolution at a breathtaking pace

Since 2022, there have been several new, ground-breaking developments almost every week. One highlight was the language models that computers now use to speak and understand as if they were one of us – even with “umms“ and pauses for extra realism. And then there was image analysis – AI can now see more in images and videos than ever before. Almost as if it had put on a pair of super glasses!

When algorithms turn into Picassos

In the field of AI-supported image creation, we have just witnessed AI making its artistic breakthrough. Thanks to Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs for short, AI now paints and creates like a digital Van Gogh or a Wilhelm Busch. From hyper-realistic images to paintings and drawings, AI is proving that it is not only smart, but also creative.
  • Images were generated with AI (DALL-E, MagnificAI)

Are you ready to dive into the world of artificial intelligence?

Our customised seminars offer you comprehensive insights into the fascinating world of ChatGPT, image generators and other AI tools. These seminars have a modular structure and can be individually adapted to your needs. They take place either directly in your company or in selected seminar rooms in Vienna and other cities in Austria. Choose from our modules – two to three modules for a half-day, up to five modules for a full-day workshop.

Module 1: Fundamentals of AI

Immerse yourself in the basics of AI and understand how it is changing our world.

  • Introduction to AI: Definition and differentiation of the term.

  • Core AI technologies: What are Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Advanced (Large) Language Models (LLMs).

  • Ethical aspects in the application of artificial intelligence.

  • Current AI text tools and their strengths and weaknesses - what AI hallucinations are all about.

  • Prompt engineering: it's the input that counts.

  • Legal basics: data protection and copyright in the AI sector.

Module 2: Text and KI

Discover how AI is revolutionizing copywriting and supporting creative processes.

  • Text creation with AI: Generation and idea finding.

  • Creative writing: Writing longer texts and avoiding limitations/pitfalls.

  • Automatic generation of reports.

  • Language proofreading: Grammar and spelling check.

  • Style improvement: Fine-tune your writing style with AI support.

  • Multilingualism: Translation and working with foreign languages.

Module 3: AI-based research and data analysis

Learn how AI can make research and data analysis more efficient and precise.

  • AI in internet search: Revolutionise your research online.

  • Data upload and analysis: Processing of tables and texts with AI.

  • Visualisation with AI: Create meaningful data visualisations.

  • Create automated workflows that are perfectly tailored to your workflows and your company.

  • Workflow optimisation: How to increase your productivity.

Module 4: Image generation with AI

Learn how AI contributes to the creation of impressive visual content.

  • Creation of photos and illustrations: Basics and prompt techniques (Midjourney, DALL-E 3).

  • Image enhancement: Upscaling and enhancement (Magnific.ai, pixelcut.ai, Topaz Photo AI).

  • In-/Outpainting: Expanding and changing image content.

  • Character consistency: Maintaining image consistency in AI projects.

Module 5: AI in video & audio

Explore the possibilities of AI in modern video production.

  • Video generation: Create impressive videos (RunwayML, Kaiber, Genmo, Pika Labs).

  • Video-Enhancement: Videoverbesserung und -upscaling (Topaz Video AI, capcut.com).

  • Talking head videos: Create realistic talking head videos (synthesia.io, D-ID, HeyGen).

  • Use KI-powered speech synthesis for realistic audio.

  • Automated video creation: Creation of videos from stock material (invideo.io, pictory, lumen5).

Your custom module

We are be happy to put together a made-to-measure unit in accordance with your priorities. Examples of topics:
  • Local GPT: How to install and use your own instance of an LLM on your server. 

  • Workshop: concrete project for the creation of illustrations/photos/documents for your company.

  • AI in Adobe applications: Hands-on on AI in Photoshop, Illustrator or Express.

  • KI-Music: How to create music of different genres for different applications.
  • Images were generated with AI (DALL-E, MagnificAI)

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