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Creating a strong brand identity

Branding and concept development are crucial to creating a unique and memorable brand identity. By carefully crafting the visual elements, the message and the underlying brand strategy, your company will stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

What defines a strong brand and good branding?

Branding manifests itself in visual elements that make a brand unmistakable. It is the fine art of seamlessly combining aesthetics and message.

Coherent colour scheme

The colour palette reflects the essence of the brand and reinforces the branding through consistent use.

Careful font selection

Carefully selected typography is a decisive visual factor and supports the character and value of a brand.

Consistent visual language

Photos and illustrations in a line strengthen the brand identity and support the core message.
The use of these elements creates a consistent and coherent image.
The brand becomes visually recognisable and is remembered.

However, good branding also means consistently implementing the visual identity at all points of contact with the customer - from packaging to commercials and advertising through to social media. This is the only way to create a strong brand presence with a high recognition value.

Your brand in professional hands

Logo design and branding

Benefit from our expertise in developing a corporate design that meets your requirements.

Effective marketing strategies

We develop customised marketing strategies to help you reach your target market and realise your business goals.


We won't let you down when it comes to the production of printed materials, signs, roll-ups, merchandise etc. either! We accompany the production process.

Your customised branding and concept design

At creativbox, we follow a comprehensive process for branding and concept development. Based on thorough research and strategy, we carefully design and implement creative solutions that resonate with your target audience.

Research and strategy

We start with thorough research so that we understand your industry, your target market and your competitors. We then develop a strategic plan to position your brand effectively.

The creativ(e) process

Now your brand is brought to life - through visually stunning and coherent designs that convey the unique identity of your company or product.

Implementation and brand launch

We ensure a seamless realisation of your brand across various channels, from digital platforms to print products.

Continuous monitoring and optimisation

We keep an eye on the performance of your brand and make the necessary optimisations to ensure its long-term success.

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